Bees & Butterflies

Known to be non-toxic to Bees & Butterflies

Our natural, Stop the Bites™ spray is non-toxic and non-repellent to honey bees and butterflies, who are are essential to pollination within our natural ecosystem.

Pesticides, alone and in combination with other factors, have had a devastating effect on honeybees and wild pollinators. Pesticides commonly found in lawn and garden products and used in agriculture are known to be hazardous to bees – some killing bees outright and others with subtle effects that reduce a bee’s ability to thrive. Pesticides damage the ability of bees to gather food and are also killing them. Since bees are the most important pollinators of crops, the use of pesticides can considerably reduce the yield of cross pollinated crops. In addition to the above effects, contamination of bee products, and loss in production of honey are the other effects caused by pesticides on bees


Arkion Life Sciences provides a NEW All Natural Outdoor Mosquito & Tick Spray for residential and commercial lawn care professionals.

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